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Promoting Pet Wellness

We are proud that the sick are made well at Centerville Animal Hospital, but we are most proud of the part we play in promoting wellness in our patients. In fact, we consider being Partners in Prevention our primary job - a job we cannot do without you, our conscientious and caring pet parents.

Our Partners in Prevention approach addresses not only the health of your pet but also strives to promote a stronger human-animal bond. Lifestage awareness customizes the healthcare of your pet based on species, breed, and age.

  1. During the puppy and kitten stage we provide you with up-to-date information on pet care trends. This includes nutrition, dental care, problem behaviors, possible congenital health concerns, parasite prevention, and current vaccination recommendations.
  2. We see our adult pets (1-6 years) minimally once yearly to perform a thorough and comprehensive physical examination. During your visit we strive to keep you informed on how we can work together to achieve healthy cats and healthy dogs. Enrollment in our Dental Rewards program is recommended to combat the number one most diagnosed disease in our adult pets, periodontal disease.
  3. We recommend our senior pets (7 years and older) be enrolled in our Golden Rewards program to address all senior related changes- medical and lifestyle.

We are privileged to be a part of your family's health care team. How can we help you help your pet?

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