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New Veterinary Clients in the Chesapeake Area

Welcome to Centerville Animal Hospital!

We love to see new furry faces in our office.

At Centerville Animal Hospital, we believe that a perfect veterinary hospital exists for every pet parent. Answer these questions to see if Centerville Animal Hospital is right for your family:

Pet Questionnaire to come!

Thank you for considering Centerville Animal Hospital for your pets. If you think our family is right for your family, call 482-9410 to schedule an appointment.

Tips for a Successful First Veterinary Appointment

Visit the Directions page on our website to download accurate driving directions. Bring your pet by for a visit before your first appointment. Sometimes a short visit for a healthy dose of belly-scratch, followed with a cookie or two can really help alleviate stress and make your pet feel more comfortable when he or she comes in for a medical visit.

We are glad you are taking the time to visit our website and can't wait to see you in our hospital.

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