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Veterinary Surgery

As veterinary professionals, we are very proud of our advanced surgical techniques and equipment. As loving pet parents, we know when your pet is undergoing surgery safety is your number one concern.

Our "Safety-First" Standards Help Ensure A Safe and Successful Surgery For Your Pet. We take the following precautions with our surgical patients because we believe there is no such thing as "too safe":

What should I do before my pets surgery?

Schedule your pet's pre-anesthetic testing. The information provided from an electrocardiogram (a test of heart function) and blood profile (a panel of tests including kidney and liver function) will help us to determine if your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. These tests allow us to individualize the medications used for your pet. We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed veterinary technicians three days prior to surgery for pre-anesthetic testing.

Remove food at 9pm the evening before your pet's surgery. Do not offer food, treats, or water the morning of surgery. This will help reduce the chance of your pet vomiting before, during, or after the procedure. Unless otherwise directed, please continue to give prescribed medications as directed. Remember to make sure all family members (including children) understand these instructions.

Make a list of any questions and comments you have regarding any aspect of your pet's health. Bringing this list with you at surgery check in will ensure that all of your concerns are addressed. We promise you probably won't come up with anything we haven't been asked before.

What should I expect during check-in?

Your surgical check-in appointment takes approximately 15 minutes, during which the surgical assistant will address all of your questions and concerns.

What are the benefits of surgery performed with a laser?

Surgery performed with a CO2 laser has many advantages including greater precision, less pain, no bleeding, less swelling, and a faster recovery time. Our Laser Surgery consent form can be downloaded here.

What will it be like when I bring my pet home?

Most clients are surprised at how active their pets are after surgery! Our balanced approach to anesthesia allows for a smooth and quick recovery. We will cover all of your post-surgical concerns at the surgical discharge appointment. This includes written discharge instructions detailing the following:

  1. An explanation of restricted activity
  2. Instructions on home care and monitoring of surgical incisions
  3. A description of all post surgical medications
  4. A thorough explanation of your pet's procedure

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