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They Love Us

Let me say I love the convenience of the hospital being in a great location. The staff is nice and always courteous. There are a few things that keep me from giving it a 5 star rating. They are not the best about returning calls about your pet. We also experienced having to give our dog two rounds of a vaccine and the only thing I got about their mistake was an I'm sorry, however they got paid twice from us for the vaccine. Was very upset about that. And lastly our experience with the boarding service would frustrate the most patient person. It takes 30 minutes to check your dog in and then 30 minutes to check them out for boarding... goodness it's longer than picking your child up from daycare. That has got to be streamlined in some way. I know they care but goodness.

The receptionist from up north.... love her!

Shawn J.

Dr. Hayden, and Dr. Rydell have been nothing but wonderful for our cat, Mewtwo. Today Mew turned 19 - we have been taking her there her whole life. They are great vets and highly recommend them.

Teresa A.

Amazing team and very patient! I currently have 4 dogs and one of the newest had a LOT of trauma. He is scared and mistrustful. After 3 visits he has decided that he likes some people there. The never force him to do anything...they wait for him. Can't say enough about the doctors and staff here!

Jeannie T.

Very nice people. Dr. Amanda Corona is excellent. Very kind and competent.


I thought this was an emergency clinic and walked in with Ginger the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, they are not an emergency clinic but asked me what was going on. I told them about Ginger's breathing and it was getting worse. The front desk staff checked with the doctor who said she had 15 minutes before her next appointment and agreed to see Ginger. They ended up spending over an hour with us and keeping Ginger all afternoon due to some blood work not looking good. The care, concern and follow up treatment we have received has been exceptional. More tests are being run on Ginger and we do not know her diagnosis yet but the care we are receiving from this staff has been exceptional. Thank you Dr. Miani and staff for your concern and care for Ginger!!!


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