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Prescription Medications

We take the responsibility of medicating your pet very seriously.

Pharmaceuticals play an important role in saving and enhancing the lives of our patients. We view the safe and effective use of pharmaceuticals as a team effort- one that involves trust. Simply put: you trust us to prescribe the right medication and therapy and we trust you to follow our recommendations once you and your pet are at home. We operate a full-service pharmacy in our hospital with most medications kept in stock. All prescriptions and prescription diets are verified by a licensed staff member to confirm accuracy.

We offer several convenient options for requesting a prescription refill:

  1. Call us at (757) 482-9410 during our regular office hours
  2. Download our Centerville Animal Hospital APP on your smartphone or tablet. Go to menu and order food or prescription. In a hurry? You can send a photo of the prescription straight from the APP.
  3. Access your pet's prescription history and request refills online via your Pet Portal. You can have your pet's medication shipped directly to your home! Enroll in our online pharmacy.
  4. Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding your prescription refill request.

Can I have my pet's medication filled through an online pharmacy?

As your veterinary hospital, our number one priority is making sure your pet is safely medicated. As a veterinary hospital, we are concerned with the FDA's valid concerns regarding the use of online veterinary pharmacies (those not affiliated with a veterinary hospital). We will help facilitate your valid prescription refill requests, whatever method you chose. To read more about the FDA's concerns follow the link below:

I can't get my pet to take his medication. What should I do?

Call us for some individualized suggestions. Over the years we have learned from the countless ways out clients have tricked, cajoled, and out-smarted their pets into taking medicine. We can also compound (make into a liquid) and flavor medications using the Flavor-X system. Cats love the whitefish flavor and dogs go crazy for peanut butter!

Why can't I get a refill of my pet's medication?

All medications must be prescribed and authorized by your pet's veterinarian. If your pet's medication has not been designated as "refill as needed", your veterinarian will need to review the appropriateness of refilling the medication. In some cases, a physical examination or laboratory testing may be necessary.

I think my pet is having a reaction to his medication. What should I do?

Every medication has side effects. Discontinue the medication and call us immediately if your feel uncomfortable with how a medicine is affecting your pet. If your pet is in distress and our office is closed contact the nearest 24 hour veterinary facility to you.

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