End of Life Care

These are tough decisions and we recognize that you wouldn't be on this page if you didn't care. You are your pet's advocate. We are here to support you, give you advice and keep your loved one as comfortable as we can, for as long as we can.

Need more time? Our veterinarians can guide you by offering treatments and methods to improve your pet's quality of life. We are accustomed to evaluating patients as they progress through the later stages of life and assisting clients with assessments about when it's time."

What if it's already time? We can help with that too. If your pet has already been diagnosed at our practice with a terminal condition, we can schedule a time to say goodbye. Our helpful and compassionate staff can provide you with options for cremation or burial. You can choose to be present or you may not feel comfortable with staying through the process. Regardless of your decision, our Centerville family will be there providing comfort and tenderness to your beloved pet while they journey across the rainbow bridge. If they're hungry, we'll even feed them their favorite meal. For many of our terminally ill patients, we provide sedation or anesthesia prior to the euthanasia process in an effort to alleviate anxiety or pain. Whether to do so, will be a collaborative effort between you and the doctor. With advanced notice of 24-48 hours, we can often accommodate in home euthanasia' for our pre-existing clients and their pets with pre-diagnosed terminal illness.

What if my pet has never been there or if it hasn't been diagnosed with a terminal illness? In this case, we schedule an appointment with the doctor. During this appointment, a thorough history will be taken, a comprehensive physical examination will be performed and then the doctor will make recommendations which may or may not be euthanasia, but rest assured that the veterinarian will be compassionate and honest and will always have your pet's best interest at heart.